I recently did a webcast for O’Reilley Media on Responsive Web Design. I was really excited about doing it and the team was great to work with. There were a couple thousand attendees worldwide. Needless to say I was nervous, and I had really large presentation to make. Everything went smoothly, and surprisingly my voice held out for the whole hour and a half.

Here’s the list of topics covered.

  • How to make responsive media that is optimized for the specific device on which it’s displayed – allowing images, videos and other elements be fully appreciated
  • The principles of making a solid, responsive layout that responds to unique displays
  • How to make typography that’s fluidly responsive, so it’s easy to read on all devices – no more hard-to-see text on a tiny mobile screen
  • How to use existing responsive frameworks like recipes and update static frameworks for the latest mobile devices
  • How make mobile websites using jQuery mobile and mobile-first design
  • Where to get the tools for building, deploying and testing responsive websites
  • How to make unobtrusive interactions that exist as a separate layer within the presentation – allowing coexistence with other scripts for other devices
  • Techniques for server-side and client-side media deployment – providing platforms that are scaled for any requesting device
  • How to use working designs and codes that can be inserted into existing projects.